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5 min read

6 Reasons Why Contract Research Organizations Need Cloud-Based LIMS

Scientific industries are challenged to keep pace with global demands for safe and effective pharmaceuticals,...

6 min read

Purchasing a LIMS Software System: Important Stakeholders to Include

Integrating technology into your laboratory is never a one-person decision. Key stakeholders have different...

6 min read

Understanding the Benefits of Cloud-Based LIMS

In the next five years, the lab information management system (LIMS) market is projected to reach approximately $2.22...

7 min read

What is the Total Cost of a Laboratory Information Management System?

Effective and successful lab managers are first and foremost dedicated to the scientific endeavors of their chosen...

6 min read

How to Compare LIMS Solutions

There are a growing number of LIMS solutions available to laboratories. Selecting the best choice for a laboratory...

8 min read

How to Evaluate a LIMS for Your Lab

Labs using manual or older systems might be putting their workflows and compliance costs under undue stress. Consider...

6 min read

How the Best LIMS Software Can Help Your Lab Compliance

Regulators are ever increasing scrutiny into labs and testing environments, including pharmaceutical development,...

6 min read

How Laboratories Can Take Advantage of Remote Work Environments

Dealing with a global pandemic such as COVID-19 has forced laboratories to evaluate how to safely and efficiently...

7 min read

Implementing Lab Management Software When You've Failed an Audit

Failing a laboratory audit means that internal systems for training and compliance need improvement, and also likely...

6 min read

10 Common Characteristics of Labs That Benefit from SaaS LIMS

The way your lab is organized can make a dramatic difference in the cost-savings and efficiency that you are able to...

4 min read

8 Reasons Why Your Laboratory Needs a SaaS LIMS Solution

There are hundreds or even thousands of moving parts and data points in a lab environment, making it vital to ensure...

7 min read

15 Advantages of Using a SaaS LIMS Solution

It's important to understand the advantages of a LIMS implementation and how it elevates the performance and...